Renewable energy

The renewable nature of these energies, their low emission of waste, polluting discharges and greenhouse gases are advantages. But their power, relatively disseminated, is much lower than that of highly concentrated non-renewable energies. They can be - in the case of solar and wind power- "intermittent" and hardly storable because they are immediately transformed into electricity, requiring then the punctual contribution of other energies. Theirimplementation also involves heavy investments, even if over time they become increasingly competitive in the face of fossil fuels..

Solar energy is produced in two forms: solar photovoltaic, which transforms the sun's light into electricity by means of semiconductor cell panels and solar thermal that captures the heat of the sun, which is used as such or transformed into mechanical energy and then into electricity.

    Areas of expertise....

  • Off grid solar kit / Solar kit for Isolated site
  • Solar pump
  • Solar consumption
  • Solar public lighting
  • Embedded solar Energy
  • Boating
  • Professional solar equipment

Biomass is made up of all organic matter of vegetable origin (including micro-algae), animal, bacterial or fungal (fungi) through its combustion. For centuries, wood has been the main source of energy before being dethroned by coal and then oil & gas. But there are other forms of biomass use. Methanation produces biogas from our household or agricultural waste. The refining of plant biomass allows the production of biofuels.

    Areas of expertise....

  • Combustion system upgrade
  • Plant capacity increase
  • Improved availability
  • Efficiency optimization (cycle and boiler)
  • Upgrading control systems and SCADA
  • Emission reductions (NOx, CO, SOx)
  • Design Support
  • Feasibility Study
  • Inspection and Reports
  • Inspections Monitoring
  • Training
  • Online remote Support
  • Contrats d’exploitation et de maintenance

Services During Construction and commissioning

Geothermal energy uses the heat from underground aquifers, or even dry rocks, captured to a greater or lesser depth, to supply urban areas, buildings or factories, or to generate electricity through power stations. Some countries with favorable geological conditions use it on a massive scale, such as Iceland or the Philippines, two volcanic countries. Heat from other sources can also be captured and used in networks or industrial processes.

    Areas of expertise....

  • Conceptual study and potential study of a region
  • Technical, economic and financial prefeasible study of a deep geothermal plant project
  • AMOA and conduct of deep geothermal projects: Exploration campaign, drilling, plant construction
  • Drilling/completion;
  • Reservoir engineering and assessment of resources and reserves;
  • Electrical measurements/Well testing, reservoir simulations and resource management;
  • Monitoring and maintenance of production facilities;
  • Repairs ("workovers") of wells and damaged fillings;
  • Service « coiled tubing»;
  • Treatment/abatement of effluents and discharges;
  • Chemical inhibition against corrosion/deposition/biocides;
  • Feasibility studies and financial arrangements;
  • Environnemental impact assessments;
  • Legal and regulatory aspects

The hydraulic energy of large dams is today the first renewable energy source. China, Brazil, Canada, the United States, and perhaps tomorrow Africa, are the leaders of the sector.

    Design, studies and manufacture of hydraulic systems and equipment.

  • Test benches
  • Hydraulic power plants
  • Special Machines (presses, test bench)
  • Automated Systems
  • Hydraulic Cylinder

    Maintenance Services, on site interventions [On-site trouble shooting and repairs].

  • Troubleshooting
  • Piping according to customer specifications
  • Re-test of hydraulic accumulators
  • Depollution of hydraulic circuits
  • Corrective and preventative maintenance contracts in compliance with safety rules for increased productivity

Areas of expertise....

  • Safety of operation
  • Project management assistance (PMC, OPC)
  • Strategic project management (AMO, AF, STB, AV, DO, DCE constitution, structuring and project organization, Risks & Opportunity, Litigation, System engineering, Quality)
  • Maintenance in operational condition (SLI, ASL, MSG-3, RCM, OMF, database Logistics, maintenance analysis)
  • Control of technological risks (ICPE * decree 77 1133, nuclear safety, pyrotechnic safety, EOQA **)

Areas of expertise..

  • Design and prototyping
  • Industrialization and Manufacturing Small and Medium Series
  • Global distribution logistics
  • After-sales support (maintenance / repair / spares / technical support)

Areas of expertise..

  • Design and production of technical documentation:
    • Writing and illustration
    • Documentation and refueling
  • Studies and Achievements of Documentation Systems and Operations Support Systems
  • Configuration and document management
  • Management and dissemination of technical data
  • Outsourcing of document services...